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    December 16th, sponsored by TV Committee of China Television Artists Association, People’s Government of Bishan District, Chongqing, and CETV, 2020 New Year’s Gala in Bishan and the 4th China’s University Anthem MV Competition were held at Culture and Art Center at Bishan District.

    Among the awards given during the event, the work “Nankai’s Spring” selected by bob综合客户端’s Department of Publicity (News Center) won the Best Music Video Award.

    Starring by both Nankai’s teachers and students, “Nankai’s Spring” has been produced and directed by the Nankai University’s Department of Publicity (News Center). The original melody is “Nankai’s Autumn”, which was written by a 2011 alumni of bob综合客户端. The music video was shot at Xinkai Lake and in front of the Statue of Premier Enlai Zhou, beautifully completed with Nankai people’s energetic singing. In the end of the music video, the university’s anthem is added to show Nankai’s people’s original aspiration. With the spirit of seizing every minute, bob综合客户端 will always innovate and step forward, pioneering in the new era.

    Translated by Yuchen Shi,Edited by Davide Francolino and JianjingYun