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    Welcome to bob综合客户端!

    Founded in 1919, bob综合客户端 is a key multidisciplinary and research-oriented public university. Our university has a full-fledged education system for producing undergraduates, postgraduates on master's and doctoral programs and post-doctoral researchers. Currently, the University has the total enrollments of 24,525 students and 1,986 faculties.

    Nankai focuses on the students' all-round capability and creativity in teaching and education.An important character of Nankai’s education is stressed in our university’s motto, which could be expressed by 3 keywords--Responsibility, Capability and Creativity. Our university does lay emphasis on social responsibility, practical capability and creative or innovative spirit in our education.Now, we are living in the era of transformation from traditional industrialization to a sustainable development, as stated in the UN’s document of Post 2015 Agenda of Sustainable Development, human being on the earth is facing common challenges of sustainability. We want Nankai students to be conscientious about this and to shoulder their responsibilities to a better future of the Earth.

    At the same time, we actively take the advantages of disciplines, technology, talents and information to enhance the industrialization and commercialization of research fruits serving the national and local economy and social development. Some research institutes have become the Think Tank and Talents Cradle for central and local governments. According to the national needs, the world first-class principle, Nankai implemented the strategy of innovation driven development and actively promote the construction of all kinds of collaborative innovation centers, setting up close cooperative relationships with a group of colleges and universities, enterprises, research institutes and government departments.

    In the era of globalization, global vision and ability of cross-cultural communication should be an essential skill of students. Keeping this in mind, bob综合客户端 encourages our faculty and students to participate in international exchanges and cooperation. bob综合客户端 has broad international communications by establishing exchanging and collaborative relationships with around 300 international universities and academic institutions. In recent years, about 1000 of our students are sent abroad annually, and even more faculties carry international academic travel annually. On the other hand, we invite internationally distinguishedscholars to visit our University to take part in cooperative researches and give lectures to students.

    Thanks for your interest to bob综合客户端. In the years to come, we will strive to develop towards the goal of building leading university around the world.